The Benefits and Uses of Granite and Marble Slab in Toronto

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What Are Granite and Marble Slabs?

Are you wondering about the merits and uses of granite or marble slab in Toronto? Natural stone is an excellent addition to any home due to its exceptional durability and classic look that never goes out of style. Natural stone complements nearly every existing décor and it blends well with many different design elements already in the home.
Granite and marble are the two most common types of natural stone that are used in the home. Both granite and marble are available in either tile or slab form. The form of granite and marble plays a big role in how the material is used in the home. For instance, tiles are generally smaller and are used in a number of different ways, including flooring and tiling. Slabs are larger pieces of the material, which makes them useful for bigger applications such as creating countertops, vanities and other larger surfaces in the home.
Granite and marble tiles are more readily available than slabs due to the difficulty in finding larger deposits of these rocks in the Earth’s crust, as well as the work required to remove larger pieces intact. There is a high demand for both marble and granite slabs, which is reflected in the increased costs of these materials over tiles.

The Benefits of Granite Slabs

Granite is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops as well as bathroom vanities. Granite is naturally resistant to the different types of everyday stresses that may be present for surfaces in both the kitchen and the bathroom. It is relatively waterproof, stain resistant and antimicrobial on its own, but these properties can all be enhanced with the use of a sealant.
Granite is also resistant to acidity, which helps to protect it against the various types of spills that occur in the kitchen. Fruit juices, cola and coffee all contain acids which can harm the finish of other countertop materials, but granite countertops can withstand exposure to these liquids due to the exceptional hardness and non-porous nature of the rock.
Granite countertops can be finished to a polished, matte or textured look to go along with a huge variety of colours and patterns.

The Benefits of Marble Slabs

Marble is softer than granite and is a porous natural stone. Granite has a hard appearance while marble has a softer, often translucent appearance. The veining and swirls that are present in many slabs of marble can reflect light, providing an appealing, often transparent look to the stone.
The porous nature of marble requires regular resealing in order for it to provide maximum water and stain resistance.
Both granite and marble slabs offer exceptional durability that provide a long lasting beauty that will never go out of style. With minimal maintenance, these natural stone countertops and vanities can improve the resale value of the home while offering enhanced performance over most traditional types of materials.
Protect your natural stone investment by taking the time to find the highest quality granite and marble slab in Toronto for your new kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.